Truthfully, I don't understand why it's so important for people to know that I'm a Satanist. What's to gain? I already know what the reaction is going to be... If I receive that reaction, then I have none else to blame except myself. It's like poking your finger into the cage of an angry animal - when you get bit, you're an idiot for blaming the animal! I know it's not going to be accepted, so I keep it to myself.

Likewise, the solution seems to be incredibly simple: honor the request of the landlord. I don't get the controversy - unless you enjoy the controversy.

I recently had to deal with a similar situation when I left my TSB out on a table in my room (actually a partitioned trailer in Iraq). I'm usually good about putting everything away, but I was in a bit of a hurry and forgot. We had a fire inspection, and one of the inspectors sort of freaked out. I guess I could lament the fact that he was offended, thought less of me, was close minded, etc., but why? The bottom line is if I had put it away, out of sight, it wouldn't have been a problem. My fault. I won't make the mistake again. I've already fixed the situation, and everyone is happier. Simple fix.

It sounds like you know how you got to this point - fix it. Don't do it again.

** Sorry 1015 - I hit quick reply. This was obviously directed to the originator.**

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