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Why should I, as a Satanist, not seek to influence a motion that would end the rule of the Right-Handed, thus moving the world closer to My ideal view?

Because your ideal view is not my ideal view.
I do not want anyone's ideals put upon me; be they from the left hand, right hand, ambidextrious or no hand.
No one would want my ideals to become normalized. There would be a strict noise curfew, don't work-don't eat policy and an end to mandatory education beyond the sixth grade.
Would anyone want the world to move closer to my ideals?
Certainly not a noisy teenager who finds floating through highschool a convenient meal ticket and escape from being gainfully employed.

Oh yeah...there would also be no more "Casual Fridays". ;\)

I can, however, admire your enthusiasm. I hope that you do find ways to express your ideals.



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