Get over it.

Do as she asks.

Fighting could cause HUGE problems for one person and one person only. Three guesses as to who that person is.

If you need to use either of the areas she has asked you to avoid, approach her and politely ask permission, stating why you need to use the area at that particular time. If she says no, politely say "Alright. Thanks, anyway," drop the subject entirely, and continue to obey her rules.

Stay away from her children completely.

Obey the Third Satanic Rule of the Earth.

By the way, it's usually best to avoid outing yourself until you have a good idea how the people around you will react. Remain covert and you will not have these problems.

Obey also the Eighth Satanic Rule of the Earth.

Now go release your frustration in the Ritual Chamber, and move on.
I am a Vampire.