Hello All Fine and Fastidious Fornicators in this Fraternity of the Ferocious,

In my perusing of the board I did not come upon any references to the great (in my mind) Dr. Christopher Hyatt, noted author, occult theorist and founder of New Falcon Press (home to such authors as Israel Regardie, Robert Anton Wilson, Osho, etc.) I myself have found his writings (most notably Pacts with the Devil as well as The Psychopath’s Bible) an indispensable addition to my library. I find his writing succinct, well-developed and unapologetically and brutally honest... which I believe fits the modus operandi of those who binarily haunt this board.

From Pacts with the Devil

“The demonic pact was and remains one of the most anxiety-ridden subjects in the western esoteric tradition. There are two reasons for this that we can think of, and the subject shares these reasons in common with most psycho-spiritual practices that inspire automatic fear in our culture. Firstly, it lays the "soul" and "mind"---the inmost being of the practitioner---on the line. It commits that person to a contractual obligation with a metaphysical entity in return for services that would irrevocably change the magician's life. This is frightening because most people are terrified both by the thought of contact with a spiritual intelligence (which he may even claim not to believe in) and also by the thought of achieving his goals.” - Dr. Christopher Hyatt

I’m interested in your thoughts on the Dr.! Anyone familiar? Anyone love… hate… completely fucking indifferent about Dr. Hyatt? Let me know!

Thank you all for your time and attention.


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