There is a cross hanging in my room too. It has a sentimental value for my wife, because it was the crucifix her grandmother wore when she was buried, or something like that.

It doesn't bother me. I can say I practically don't see it at all. My wife also have several figurines of other mythological figures like Buddha and Capt. Kirk.

On my side, I have Osiris, Anubis, several nameless Egyptian ushabties, Cthulhu and a Hellraiser puzzle cube and a candle shaped as a gargoyle. So our room is full of religious icons, but we don't look at them as worship objects, but just decoration.

In your case, if that object has a sentimental value, why not keep it? It can't harm you in any way.

But if you feel bothered by it, just take it off the wall and put it in a drawer.
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