That is one hot jesus! Maybe it is the bondage thing, I don't know.

To the orginial poster:

What do you mean by "respect christianity"? Do you mean you respect other people's right to choose to believe in whatever they want? Or do you mean you feel christianity has some good points or what?

I ask this question because I think you still have some lingering christianity ghosts. You say you embrace Satanism, yet you do not take down a symbol that represents christianity even though you want to. I think there is a reason for that. Not only are you having a difficult time getting yourself to take it down, it obviously bothers you that you haven't taken it down. It bothers you enough that you posted about it here and you notice the cross now every night.

Sometimes when people who have been raised in christian households realize they are Satanists, they have a difficult time letting go of their past religious traditions and beliefs. This is not a problem if it is not a problem to you. (For example, I still celebrate christmas, but it is a secular christmas celebration).

You might find that if you do something totally blasphemous it helps to affirm your break with your past religion and helps chase away the christianity ghosts. The first couple of Satanic Rituals I did were as blasphemous as I could get them in order to feel a tangible break with my traditional religion.

You might want to take down the cross and destroy it as a symbol of your embracing Satanism. (unless it will cause you a rash of shit with your family) If you are keeping it because someone you love gave it to you, then that is a different matter.

Be honest with yourself about what that cross means to you. You may have some lingering doubts about what will happen if you don't believe in jesus anymore. Nagging in the back of your mind, the worry that you will be subjected to torment and torture for all eternity. ( You if it is really true?)

Maybe I am being overly analytical here, but those christianity ghosts can be quite tenacious. \:\/


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