For the record, I have one overtly Christian picture hanging in my house. It is a picture of a small black boy kneeling beside his bed, in prayer. On the other side of the bed, also kneeling, with folded hands, is Jesus. The reason I have it up is because my parents gave that picture to us when they traveled from SC to see their new grandson, for the first time. Because of the history between my parents and I concerning creating a family of more than one race, that picture holds meaning devoid of any reference to Christianity. It represents the willingness of my parents to accept something that has been alien to them.

The true test that one has found closure with their religious past is the ability to view it’s symbols with the same neutrality as any other cultural artifact. They have no power in and of themselves. They especially have no power over one not held by the sway of the represented religion. Since my son has absolutely no Christian baggage to work through, it would be hateful for us to dispose of a gift given to him by his grandparents. As Dragon Dancer stated, if a cross is causing so much ambiguity, there is certainly still a connection with Christianity. Satanism has an adversarial relationship with Christianity. As such, there is no greater power over another than to deny it’s symbols any meaningfulness.

But if you really need to get it out of your system, I suggest this:

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.