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That is one hot jesus! Maybe it is the bondage thing, I don't know.

Christian symbols are chock full of sexual references. You would be hard pressed to find of picture of Jesus that is not feminine…with pouting lips, blue eyes and great hair. Mary is usually hot. And then there is…sweaty fishermen taking off their shirts, Jesus washing feet, a woman washing Jesus’ feet with her hair (“feet” was an Old Testament euphemism for the genitals), the frequent use of lilies, roses and other flowers (rose bud), John laying his head on Jesus lap, constant fixation on virgins. If anyone has had the pleasure of witnessing a “holy roller” meeting, you know that there is little visual or audio difference between someone being “filled with the spirit” and having an orgasm. It has been noted that during times of “revival” there are as many souls begotten as begotten again. Those buggers are obsessed with sex! Jesus being stripped, beaten, tied up, a “sword” entering a gash.

Come on!


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