(“feet” was an Old Testament euphemism for the genitals)

Ya learn something new every day.

The rest was familiar, but that was new.

There used to be an ad running on local TV from a church in Abbotsford where the skit was two girls in a laundromat and one is reading the paper. The other teases her, saying something to the effect of "Are you still searching for the perfect man in the personal ads? C'mon!"

The first one says that no, she's found him and her friend just HAS to hear this ad. 'I would die for yoou. I will love you unconditionally...' and so on ad nauseum.

The two girls then start fighting over the paper with much "I want him" "Gimme the ad" "No, he's mine!" etc (with a lot of orgasmic squealing to boot) and then the video slowly overexposes to a pure white screen saying "Jesus: The Perfect Man" and the contact info for this church.

Actually, several years ago I wrote an essay about the use of sex and fetishism to sell Christianity, which for the last year was "lost" with a lot of my old writings because they weren't compatible with my Mac, but I just got tipped off by a friend that if I upload those documents into Google Docs I can then reformat them and download them in a working manner to my Mac without having to buy any shitty Microsoft programs. Maybe one of these days I'll post some of those, albeit with some updating and editing - after all, that piece was written long before the S&M porn spectacular that was "The Passion of the Christ".