The Devil's Troubador : A Compendium of Poetical Works by Count Xander Morivond is a joy and a pleasure to read.

There are fine things to be enjoyed in this world: fine wines, fine music and fine literature.

Poetry can rise to this level of power and beauty.

This book does both.

The carnal delights of the world are all too often relegated to the squalid masses and their screeching efforts to equate lust with disgust, mystery with misery, wit with slap stick and depth with the gutter.

To find written works that paint images and create excitement, emotion, and good humor are all too rare.

This is just such a rare find.

I treasure it.

There was a romance found in an earlier era amongst the ruling classes. Lord Byron comes to mind as does the raucous and yet hidden caverns of the Hellfire Club.

Mixing the beautiful with the bawdy requires a firm hand which grips the quill of the poet.

In this book I feel you will agree with me that just such a balanced control takes place.

This is a book to be read by a warm fireplace in candlelight. Rain and wind against the windowpane, snug in an overstuffed chair, savoring the play of images and sounds, the reader can be transported by visions and feelings of another age - even if that age is one of pure fantasy.

Those who need the glare of the flickering television screen, the blare of the chatter of the unwashed masses scratching at the ears need not pick up this tome.

For those with the requisite taste and willingness to open to a world of beauty and shock, love and pain, thought and feeling - the drama and comedy that stems from an interaction between the mind of the reader and the words of the poet - this will be a book you will turn to again and again.

I recommend this book of poetry to all of you who enjoy the carnal pleasures of our ever delightful world and are not afraid of its power, its depth. its uncertainty and its beauty.

It has touched me deeply and I hope that you, too, will enjoy its impact.