I was getting my overcoat from the door.

A man came to me and started to ask about where I work (I work at a ski-resort); I told him where. He asked where exactly I worked.

I presented him with a promotional pen.

He declined. I dropped the pen at his feet.

He then turned to my friend to talk.

After that; without warning, he took hold of my hair.

Not for what I believe.

Not for what he believed.

Only for violence.

Violence was his media.

And I was his object.

Do I feel hate or the need for retaliation?



Because I could use the legal system to attain cash money. I could acquire wealth.

It is not my goal.

The man will not enter the bar (nor any other bar anywhere I dwell).

That will be my retaliation.

If any customer mentions themselves being a friend of his when I am at work; they will only have the seed to blame.

Strong feelings would be wasted on these individuals.

What would you have done?