This'll tie in with an earlier post I made regarding disgruntled ex members of The Church.
Thanks to Moderators Reverend Paradise and LevXIII, for their responses.
Is The Church a business entity?
Allow me to explain that question's relevance to the earlier post.
Incompatability,of course(RevParadise). But nothing causes riff and ill will like money.
If the CoS is ,say, a corporation, were monies a factor in any of these causes?
As a prospective member(maybe), the issue(if indeed it exists)seems appropriately raised.
I understand, this is a sensitive issue.
So the inquiries are posed with as delicate and respectful a manner as possible.
I also understand that the Church views individuals such as myself as being a part of that 'unknown quantity'(vice versa,incidentally, my view is the same);requiring a certain degree of caution, but this IS the only forum in which to ask the ONLY individuals who possess the answers should they so choose to answer.
Thank you in advance for your time.
Respect and Regard.