I thought of this tonight while I was flaming some steaks to medium rare perfection.

My life is good. Granted I always mutter some nonsense about winning lotto someday, but by a large margin I am happy.

I know why.

I get what I want. I have always won what I truly desire. Sometimes I have to quit being so fierce in my desire, because the old saying of "Be carefull what you wish for, because you just may get it."...becomes a problematic reality for me.
example: I have to carefully release my desire for various hotties that cross my path, because most of the time they gravitate towards me in a manner that would disrupt my marriage. I am pleased to have the ability to sway another in such a matter, but again I have to stress that good for now might lead to bothersome consequence later.

Mostly my achievements are purely fantastic.
For instance, the house I am living in and soon will be owning, should be out of my range. Yet a few years ago when I was house sitting in this place while the owners were traveling, I performed a ritual (in the room that is now my altar)
that would gain for me the property. Specifically I just wished for a house like it...then BAM! shortly after the owners returned, they offered me the house at a serious discount price that put the unattainable within my grasp.

Of course I still have to pay the asking price, and all the other joys that come with home ownership, but wow...I know that if I did not put forth such energy, I would be looking at some home in a skank neighborhood to buy, as that would be what I could afford.

Things comin' my way, swaying others, being powerfull in the things that I do...

It is GOOD! Is anyone else so cursed?