I do have a question concerning artwork, that I am sure belongs here.

I am talented when it comes to various mediums of hanging wall art. I have done some portraits of the "devil" hisself; LaVey.

I want others(if they so desire) to have my work within their homes, but I do not want to cheepen the legacy of what LaVey, and the Church of Satan has accomplished by selling my work on e-bay or any other outlet, save through the Emporium.

I want to convey my distaste at any attempt to use his image as a big buck-maker, as I have fostered a great respect for what LaVey has given me through his work, as well as what the Church of Satan does by continuing it.

My point being, with whom do I speek to, what fire must I cross to have a few bits of my work owned and cherished by those who wish it? (note...I do not envision mass reproductions of my work being sold, just solid originals that may cost a bit more, but are worth every penny.) The cost that I speak of being purely my cut for time and materials, as well as the markup through the Imporium to give the Devil his due(your profit)

Would quality originals interest you?