I'd like to let everyone know that the new CD

by The Lindbergh Baby - HOODWINKED is available to order.

Hoodwinked is an apocolyptic folk project led by Scott Broderick and

features performances by

Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee of BLOOD AXIS

a reading of 17th enochian key by Magister Lang and

design aspect by Rev. Slaughter

those wishing to buy the CD directly from the band are encouraged to go to
http://www.thelindberghbaby.com and scroll down to pay through paypal
or click on the image below

those wishing to pay by check or money order can do so by sending 16$ post paid within the US and Canada or 18$ post paid elsewhere to

S. Broderick 416 St. Paul St. Suite 41 Rochester, NY 14607 paypal is preferred.

Hoodwinked is also available from a variety of distributors including:
Tesco-distro, Steinklang Industries, Cyclic Law and Solielmoon.