I have been thinking about a Satanic perspective on abortion. Just in case anyone is wondering, no it's not a "I need help because of a personal situation" question, it's more of a "What if" question or simply what are some Satanic perspectives. I saw Magister Nemo's post on another thread, which I copied below.

You wish a Satanist point of view on something?

Offer yours first along with explanations as to why you think that it is so.

Anton LaVey wrote about what he thought and then explained why.

He didn't just ask people, "What is your opinion about ____ ?"

I am suggesting that understanding Satanism comes from first attempting to do so in exactly the same way.

You have read Satanic literature.

You wonder about a topic.

Apply your current understanding to the topic by placing your thoughts in words and then offer explanations for why you think you are correct.

Then when others respond, it can actually develop into something enriching and interesting.

Otherwise it is a fairly shallow exercise in popular polling.

"Hi. What is your Satanic view on kumquats?" is purposeless word salad.

"My view of kumquats from a Satanic view is this: _____ . I feel it is Satanic because _____ and ____ . Do you disagree or have other thoughts?"

This leads somewhere potentially.

Offer something first and then ask for feedback.

That is then not just taking.

It is sharing.

That's how I see it.

I was Catholic for most of my life, and abortion (more specifically the pro-life perspective) is extremely important in that religion. They even have bumper stickers that say "You can't be Catholic and Pro-Life." I'm struggling to shake the last bit of Catholicism out of me, but can't help to think about what a Satanic perspective on abortion could be. I will follow Magister Nemo's advice and post my thoughts. I'm a bit conflicted on this issue, although I know what I want the right answer to be. I kindly ask for feedback and for others to share their thoughts. Thank you.

Probably the most Satanic approach to this issue is not to put yourself (or your partner) in that position in the first place. With a plethora of methods of birth control and a little advanced planning this wouldn't even be an issue. Satanism holds the individuals accountable for their actions and promotes responsible behavior, so I'm pretty confident on this part.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that John & Suzy Doe were using birth control, but it failed and resulted in a pregnancy. I could see Satanism supporting both the pro-life and the pro-choice perspectives. So would this mean that it's up to the individual Satanist to decide where they stand on abortion and what's right for them?

1. Scientists can't agree on when life starts exactly. In most cases, if a fertilized egg is left undisturbed it will develop and be birthed into a baby. Don't interfere with the natural order of nature or (depending on when you believe life starts) don't bring harm to young children (in this case, very young).

2. John & Suzy Doe knew (or at least they should have known) that no method of birth control is 100% effective. Their behavior resulted in a pregnancy. They should take responsibility for their behavior and allow the child to be born, with the possibility of putting it up for adoption.

3. In the portion of TSB that addresses greater magic & the destruction ritual it is clear that the person must be deserving and that you would fill no remorse no matter what happens. How can an unborn child be deserving of death (again, I guess this depends on when you believe life starts)? Many women feel remorse after abortions, so that would seem to discourage this practice.

1. It is natural, healthy, & gratifying to follow our animal instincts. If it results in pregnancy, survival of the fittest kicks in and the adult (being the more fit than the fertilized egg) can make what ever decision she wants.

2. "Satan represents man as just another animal ... who ... has become the most vicious animal of all!" If it isn't good timing or doesn't fit into your life style, do what's in your best interest (even if it seems vicious to some).

Once you decide where you stand on this issue, is it really one of those issues (right up there with gun control) that would dictate the way you vote? Is it really THAT important? Furthermore, wouldn't voting on a topic relating to someone else's life and body be interjecting your opinion when not asked? For me it's not important enough to affect the way I vote, I don't care if a candidate is pro-life or pro-choice. Any thoughts?
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