I am a "Canadian Satanist."

I, apparently, live in an igloo. I am protected by mounties. There is nothing around me but forests. I say "eh" a lot, and call a house a "hoose", and a moose "cousin Jane." I don't own a car, and I eat nothing but bacon.

Well, I don't own a car, so I guess this is not completely inacurate.

Canadians are also apparently known for being peace mongering frenchies, who just sit around a twiddle our thumbs all day. The fact of the matter is, Canada is no different then anywhere else in the world; at least the fact that it is generally populated by idiots.


I just discovered this article today, and though most people here have probably read it, it will be a head shaker for fellow Canadians, a canvas of general stupidity.

I mean, what else can one expect? It isn't that I am appalled at the lack of understanding of Satanism here (that shit happens every day, why would this be any different?) it is more out of fear for my own safety then anything that this bothers me. It is the people waving their fingers at a darker man in a turban, or someone with a generally hostile appearence yelling "TERRORIST!" when a seemingly innocent girl in a "Hello Kitty" t-shirt could just as easily be the one willing to blow herself up to take out everyone on the plane. (I realize the context of the article, that this happened AFTER the initial landing, but you can see my point.)

The problem here is that UPON arriving in Canada, this man was pulled to the side and questioned, his reading material and sigils taken away from him. For what purpose exactly? The presumptuous nature of these pricks (Stating "WHAT is your criminal record?" not, "DO YOU HAVE a criminal record?") Will flabbergast me each and everytime something similar happens. Canada, a country that prides itself on diversity, on it's lack of prejudice or judgement, and CONSTANT comparing of itself to the United States "detestable" melting pot culture, practically kicks itself in the balls by doing something like this. The lack of understanding on ALL counts (not just of Satanism, but of other, ACTUAL violent religions, that support acts of demolition, war, murder, etc...) presented here is a fine example here of the hypocrisy that exists just as much in Canada as anywhere else in the world.

I love my country, this is not meant to be a Canada bash, but the self righteous attitude and behaviour here is just as revolting as presented anywhere else. What if I rolled into town with a copy of Mein Kampf (Not that I would, it's a really shitty, boring read as far as I'm concerned) am I going to have it removed for "determination" as well? If he had a book called "How to Bomb the Shit Out of Ottawa" I could see that being a problem...but an independantly published magazine?

I know there is an argument to be had here in support of different points, but it never ceases to amaze me how our government can be so self-aggrandizing, so righteous, and think themselves so much better then everyone else in the world...yet, stunts like this are still pulled on a daily basis. When will people grow up? (The answer is, never, but the question, rhetorical.)


On a lighter note, a nice (old) little interview with Canada's own Magister Lang about the film "Passion of the Christ".


Also, vague numbers of Satanists in Canada, according to census reports.