I spent all morning researching scholarships. There are a billion scholarships out there for employees, or their dependents, of Patty's Pawn Shop, Local Toilet Paper Union #673 and descendants of the graduates of Green Grove High School Class of 1962.

It occurred to me that perhaps The Church of Satan could offer a scholarship to its members and dependents? Because the CoS is concerned with the real lives of its members, and those members doing the best for themselves, it seems that it would tie right in with the CoS's goals.

Perhaps the fee for joining could be raised and the extra money used to create a scholarship fund? I know of at least two CoS members on this board that are attending college and could probably use the money.

Also, not being one to bring ideas to the table without any willingness to actually work on them, I would be happy to help administer the scholarship process if the idea is instituted. This is just my thought for the day. Thanks for listening.

Hail Satan!
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