Yes, we're all gonna die! Really though, that's okay. As far as we can tell we will be abstaining from our cherished Earthly pleasures, yet it seems foolish to assume that we will experience nothing or otherwise cease to exist entirely when we die. Why do I bring this up? By telling someone that you know for a fact what happens to you after your vital signs fade is to be as pretentious as someone who thinks that they have all of life's answers simply because they think that millions of other idiots who were told WHAT to think can't be wrong. It is completely instinctive to want to prolong life, but to accept death as a transition rather than an end makes the minute portion of time allotted to us in life seem like a lot less pathetic reward for all of the shit we go through on a day to day basis. While it is pointless to build up false expectations for ourselves concerning what actually will happen, it is equally pointless to spend time fearing the reaper who will be bringing on "The Great Abstinence." So then it shall be a transition onto whatever it is that will happen next. Just don't be scared if the lights go out!