Let me ask you a question. If you had the choice (and I'm sure everybody here has) to either live an "ordinary" and "moderate" life (that's not to say your life would be poor otherwise, just simple) with your loved ones in, say, a small forest gottage(that's my ideal place for peace, anyways) undisturbed by the rest of the world and so on(...utopia, I know, but let's imagine), or to be the king of the hill, having ultimate power over everyone and everything, being able to deside about everybodys' destiny, which one would you choose? Really? Would you have anything against living without all the modern gadgets, or would you feel an urge for the developement of humankind and man's brains? I know this is a rather naiive question, but please try be open and think about it. Myself, I'd go for either. World domination or a totally happy, simple life. I'm much rather happy than right.

Note: I'm not a hippie(hippy... how exactly do you spell it?). When talking about an absurd thing like happiness, I'm referring to everybody's own thoughts of happiness, not the world peace etc.