If I had offended anyone in this forum, rest assured you have my sincerest apology. I never meant to “be like that”. I’m not like that normally. I’ve been put down, torn apart, and belittled by others in the world outside of my skin. Only if could be a roaring lion so I couldn’t be intimidated and be stepped upon. Christians are not an exception that contributed to my horrible and painful experiential ordeals in my life. Like others, I do feel pain. My defense systems just go up automatically when I sense any hostility, founded or unfounded. I’m from another country in the Orient, so, my cultural orientation and societal norms are somewhat different from those who are native to this big country. I have a lot to unlearn what I've learned. LaVey’s philosophy caught my attention, and it is something I believe could help make me a stronger and better person who can contribute to the betterment of society, and better myself in the process.

I might have been directing my hatred for so many people all these time that I may have turned my anger inwards.

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Salamu Alaikam!