Okay. That is a wrap.

I am touched and have no small amount of gratitude for those of you advocating on my behalf. You guys are swell.

Dammarval has sent me a private apology. My feelings on that are my own. I personally have chosen not to be the person who bans him. I feel that things have become personal and waging private vendettas is not my job here.

But, despite ideas to the contrary, I actually do like to help/teach, and I think we can all walk away knowing a few things that perhaps weren't clear before.

1. For the gazillionth time---The Questions About The Church of Satan forum is only to be answered by clergy, and clergy IS authorized to speak on behalf of the Church of Satan.

2. While explanations are occasionally required, excuses negate apologies. As I say to my kids, "There better not be a but at the end of that I'm sorry!"

3. Oftentimes the kindest thing you can do for someone is let them fail.

And on that cheery note, I'd like to call this whole fucking thing a day.


Magistra, Church of Satan/
Autocrat of the Damned