On the front page of the local newspaper (also accessed @ Gazette.com ) one article stood out.

"Homeless agencies change philosophy"

To quote "The philosophy of helping the homeless in the Pikes Peak region shall be to expect the entire community: organizations, individuals and governments to act in a responsible and efficient fashion to prevent homelessness and to assist *AND HOLD ACCOUNTABLE* each homeless individual in moving toward self-sufficiency in a manner commensurate with his or her capabilities."

Aside from some language which states that all are responsible for the homeless, the bulk of the article indicates that help will be offered more to those with a proven desire to help themselves exit their dire straights.

I agree with this decision, as it should keep my chosen community from being over-run by the dreggs that feed off of charity alone, with little or nothing to return as compensation for their "free-ride".

This new philosophy goes well in hand with recent laws which barred the homeless from panhandling anywhere near any comercial property, street corners, residential areas and highway exit/on ramps. (pretty much everywhere)
It was not uncommon to see vagrants on damn near every corner, with one hand out beggin' for some change due to my areas mild weather and high goodguy badge populace.

Now if our fine local government would only place the same "help-yerself and we'll help you" attitude towards the bulk of those gettin a free ride from social security programs...maybe I would see more of my tax dollars fixing up my state with more directly pleasing programs/ agendas.

Now how does this fit in with general Satanism?
Every one has their place, and this either scatters those who wish to remain without value, further to the winds...or it takes those who could use some help and forces them to pitch in for their share. It also clears my view of my lovely township of parasites.

And here I was, wondering how my surroundings could get any better.

Hail Satan.