I could attribute this to good genes, or "clean" living. But I'd rather chalk it up to the fact that I am a Satanist.

I'd say genes play a huge part, as would smoking, diet, mental health, and exposure to the sun.

I think Satanism expects you to look after yourself (mind and body) so to speak - which would in turn probably help you look as young as you could (for your genes).

I have this jumper (pullover) with a hood, and when I wear it I swear I must look 16 - it's ridiculous. I always get carded too. My younger brother has a baby face but doesn't get carded! Both my parents look and live young, so it's probably the genes.

I have noticed here in Australia that once the women get to a certain age (late 40's at the earliest) they cut their hair really short (like, 5cm). It's very rare to see a woman over 50 with even shoulder length hair. I swear they just get a certain age and don't care, as long as it's low maintenance!

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