I just got back from Borders books and sat down with a copy of the Satanic Bible.
To sum up without having a wordy post: I feel a connection with a lot of the ideals of Satanism.
But what I can't seem to swallow is how on one hand there is an atheist belief of no God, no Satan, as external beings, etc. but yet on same token I keep seeing the word 'magic'.
I understand how something like a destruction ritual can be a self therapy, or venting to get something off your chest. But then I read a passage that claims (paraphrasing) 'be careful to respect magic, be careful to really mean what you do.'
I don't know it just struck me as all the warnings I have read over the years in every other mumbo-jumbo book on magic, witchcraft, etc....

I read on the COS's website, the 'Youth Communiqué' part. And it described a "simple ritual" in which a black candle and some sort of medalion was needed.
See here is where it all just goes down the drain with me. What would it matter if a candle is used at all? Or the color of the candle? Or a goat headed medalion?
I just can't get into the "boogie-boogie" (no disrespect intended) that it strikes me as.

I guess what it comes down to is, I don't want ANYTHING that relates to what I would refer to as 'mumbo jumbo', 'voodoo', etc. Because then it just reminds me of what I can't stand. Then it just gives creedence to those made up by man, totally myth ideas.

Not sure if I am making a clear point here but man SO many of the ideals of Satanism were just agreeing with me, it was turning into the "seeing myself in a mirror" thing. But then when all the magic things, etc. especially connected with warnings about them, it was like letting the air out of a balloon.

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