You may have seen this program. Any thoughts please, on situations related, similar or specifically to this:

I was watching a show on BBC3 called "Kill it, cook it, eat it."
They show graphic scenes of how the animals are killed and then prepared for the actual program itself, which people are offered to try the animal they have just seen killed.

A topic was brought up in particular, which i enjoyed listening to for various reasons, though my focus is on how it was dealt with at the end. Here is a general overview:

People in the audience had a differnce in opinion as to whether a two week old pigletts should be eaten as a delicasy.
One (British) lady being against it, saying she did not agree with the methods used to raise the animals, being in tight enclosed pens as opposed to her free range ranch, and his responce being the unique taste only found in that aged meat, and that it was his culture (I believe he was Spanish). The debate was interesting, both sides raised points until he hit her to a stop, where she resorted to "This is coming from someone from a country that allows Bull Fighting."

The speechmarked section at the end being the focus of this example, not the debate itself. You may have experienced similar circumstances where people have resorted to none-relevant material as means to promote an argument. I would appreciate if people wished to add as many examples as you see fit \:\)


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