I am taking a course in Family Violence and abuse, and in the main textbook- Family Violence, Legal, Medical, and Social Perspectives.
Chapter 6 talks about ritualistic abuse, and I just couldn't believe that this sort of thing was printed in a college textbook, especially in the late 2000's! I sent this letter to the e-mail included in t he foreward.
I did not speak as a Church of Satan member, only as a college student who wants to try to keep my education from being wasted.
Dear Mr. Roberson,
I am a student in college working towards my Bachelor degree in science. Currently I am taking a course in Family Violence & Abuse, and am using the 5th edition of the book Family Violence by Harvey Wallace. Thumbing through the contents where the chapters are listed I was amazed to find a chapter on Ritualistic Child Abuse (Chapter 6).
I believe that printing this sort of thing fosters ignorance. Ritualistic abuse on a large scale has never been proven, it was proven however, that many children who were questioned were led to make false confessions. The Satanic Panic of the 80’s has been studied and discounted many times since the early 90’s.
While it is true that there are remarks made that say that this sort of thing was never quite proven to be true there are many other statements that would lead someone to believe otherwise. Lines between different belief systems were blurred, and equating fictitious initiations and Marine boot camp is highly irresponsible, as is comparing Satanic activity and ritualistic abuse with the Holocaust, we actually have evidence that the Holocaust happened.
In support of Ritualistic abuse, the evidence offered is that many people came forth and spoke of it. Many people have also admitted to being abducted by aliens, seeing Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster.
I am completely aware that there may have been some isolated instances where ritualistic abuse might have occurred, but as was said about drugs and alcohol causing child abuse is most likely a result of someone blaming the use of drugs as an excuse.
In the recent years there has been news coverage of priests in the Catholic Church who had abused some young boys. Here is a website that lists links to news articles regarding abuse committed in other religions such as, Catholicism, Scientology, Jehovah’s Witness, Hare Krishna and the Mormon faith.
The point I am making is this, these were not denigrated into being called “cult crimes”, since Satanism is a minority religion, more so than that of any one of the above listed religions, then chapter 6 in the textbook is overly critical as well as prejudicial in nature.
CSER Reports on Satanism by Shawn Carlson, PHD
1992 FBI Report --Satanic Ritual Abuse by Kenneth V. Lanning
Giving the devil more than his due by David Alexander
The Satanic Panic by Jeffrey Victor
Chapter 6 of the textbook lacks substantiation, scholastic credibility and scientific analysis. I highly suggest that it be revised or removed altogether.

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