Some women actually like to see men fight.

I agree (although I have to admit, the drunken barroom brawl is most unattractive). There's something about watching men fight ... the raw energy, the heart that it takes to hang in there when every muscle is telling you to quit, and the confidence. I enjoyed watching fighting so much that I allowed myself to get hooked into the scene. I wasn't planning to be a real fighter myself, but here I am almost 10 years later still doing it.

For a while I thought I was a bit on the crazy side for watching this, but then I realized that it's totally natural. I connect it with the biological desire to mate with the most desirable and fit male. Pretty much every species has their own way of hashing it out, but thanks to pay-per-view and Spike TV, we're lucky enough to enjoy these battles of dominance from the comfort of our couches.
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