I've been watching this chat show called Ricky Lake, where in this instance people claiming to be vampires come on and argue with their parents etcetera about why they want to drink blood.

One person in particular came on, and this is where my point developes. An Ex-vampire, claiming to be brainwashed into doing all these vampiric activities, performing rituals and being forced into doing things they didn't want to. So far so good? Not uncommon, but one more thing: "following the Satanic Bible".

Do these people actually exist in large numbers? Obviously chat shows will attempt whatever to get ratings, but i've heard about it elsewhere. People actually claiming to be brainwashed into following the Satanic Bible. I tried to tell a friend about it on ventrilo but i became speechless.

I might not be cultured in this area as much as others on this subject. Whether people drink blood or not i could care less, it's the drone syndrome i keep seeing, usually among the right hand path.

I imagine the members, magisters etc will likely have dealt with these people before, should they exist. If this is the case, in hindsight, i might be more comfortable being less open to the topic should anyone ask me what i am. These imbeciles don't help the Satanic movement and it rages me.