Have you ever had insecurity moments when you ask yourself the question "What if there is (a) god?"
I believe 99.9% that there is no god ...but there is the 0.01% that sais that if there is a god (like the xtian god) hidding himself in a dark corner of the universe ...then I'm in deep sh1t. What about you?

You're welcome to try to prove there is no god here, so that I will never have to put myself that question again.

The following lines were added later after I re-edited the post:

I now realize why the "insecurity". For the past few months I've been visiting some evanghelic xtians ...going to their church, ...blah blah ...of course that was not to bow to their god or seek for forgivenes in heavens ...but for doing some business.
Well, it's impossible to attend to some 50 or more xtian meetings without having their religion messing with your mind.

Now that I've realized this, I can pass by the 0.01% and regain the 100% level ...and who knows? ...maybe later I'll go up to 105%
I will need it for I will have to keep going to the xtian church until my bussines is done.

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