So this post is a few things I have been up to.

1st, I am proud to say that I have started construction of my altar in my bedroom. Its rather hard to find the proper things I feel will fit it, so I have been looking over the past few weeks when I am out and about. It was such a pain to find the proper candles I wanted. Most likely I will have to order alot of stuff for it online.

Also, while I was out and got the candles, I picked up a copy of Satan Speaks. They also had a copy of the necronomicon I may have to pick up next time I am downtown. One book at a time for me. =P

Ok so moving onto something a bit more discussion oriented. As of late I have been attempting to get back into writing, as I have been in a creative dead zone for the better part of a year.

This creative slump was mainly due to emotional damage and stress from my past relationship. To sum it up, I was with my ex for about a year and a half, while she carried on a internet relationship with her ex fiance behind my back.

Then something struck me the other night. I was at work and trying to kill the writers block by throwing out some short storys, and remembered she had created a long story that was her pride and joy. She never wrote it down, and it was more or less some sort of really messed up role playing story she did with friends. Personally I didnt care for it much, but I remembered she based all her characters off friends and family, and killed off her ex fiances character when he dumped her.

Now she had plans when we where together to place a character we had made together to represent myself in the storyline, mainly for fun. Well she never did insert this character into the storyline, and to be honest when I broke up with her she ended up geting back with her ex fiance that weekend (he lives in california and is loaded).

Remembering all this I was suddenly quite inspired by an idea. I am currently writing a short story set in her setting, which she has never truly written out due to laziness. I am including my character which she decided to scrap when we broke up, and he shall be doing the things that for obvious reasons I could not.

I like to think of it as artistic revenge, and accomplishing two things. One being the pure pleasure and joy of taking revenge on her and the sorry piece of dung that is her newly re-engaged fiance, and two, to get me out of this writers block with a hell of alot of passion and strength.

Guess this post was more of a rant then anything, but I hope to finish it within the next few weeks, as I am going on a trip this week and wont have time.

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