Recently my supervisor and I were on lunch break with co-workers. He had told someone what they were on the Synthesizer Clock and others got curious as to what it was, so he told them (leaving out any references to Satanism or LaVey).

When I read The Satanic Witch, my understanding was that 1's were the male bodybuilder type, 3's were slim, 6's were feminine curvy, and 9's were overweight.

His interpretation he shared with the group was that 3's were heavy (his polite attempt at saying overweight), and when you got closer to 6 you thinned out. One girl he pegged an 8, and she is tall, slim, lean muscular with maybe 10 lbs left over from having her last kid. He pegged himself a 9, and he is a bodybuilder but the type that has trouble putting on weight, so he's a very lean, muscular slim guy.

Was I reading the book upside down or what?