I have noticed many excuses being made for poorly made posts. People that are too tired or drunk to think clearly. Other bumbling rebuttals abound when someone kindly corrects the misinformation or the maligned assumption.

I think some negative exchanges can be avoided if a poster asks themselves some questions.

1 - Is anyone going to read my post?
Why even bother posting if you doubt that you have the attention of intelligent people?

2 - Will my reply further the discussion?
Are you offering information not previously covered in the discussion or a perspective not yet explored?

3 - Am I in a clearly focused and healthy state of mind?
Are there chemical, emotional or psychological influences in play that may distort your unique perspective? Are you cool, calm and collected?

Unfortunately this is all I can think of at this time.

Telling others what to do or what not to do is considered civilian policing, and is against the First Satanic Rule of the Earth. Over time there have been debates on whether or not this rule is applicable to this board since anything that is posted here is subject to ridicule by anyone. Some argued that it should not matter to the Satanist because this code of behavior comes natural.

While discussing something with others I see the experience as a group effort to reach a better understanding of the subject at hand. Each statement, comment or reply takes the group into a further focused and intense observation.

I see it much like taking steps into a dark cave. Everyone has a torch or a flashlight. It is best to work together in the exploration or there might run a risk of getting lost, separated or possibly injured. If you stand around and fight over directions too long the lights might go out and then the discussion is over.

Maybe I'm just whistling in the dark here but I thought some of these points are worth considering.