As I have stated in other post.I am still very new to all of this.I may sound like a fool for asking these things,But.I'd like to get an idea from all of the CoS members as to what my thoughts on these things might have in common with the satanic beleif system,if anything.


I have beleived for years,that people praying for miricals was a waste of time.I beleive that the Mirical is yours for the taking,It is about you standing up and say I claim this,If you want to walk again,It's not about what the doctors say is possible,it's not about praying,It's about deciding that you will walk again,and putting your faith in that,and working your butt off to make it happen.
The reason I feel so strongly about this,Is because I had a problem with my neck,After an injury my neck was fused into a possition where my chin was resting on my chest,it was like this for years,The doctors told me that it would never be any better.Well I refused to beleive them,I said it would be better,And it is.Granted I don't have the movements in my neck that most of you have,But It's nothing like it was before.I worked and worked and never gave up on what I wanted and I have made what they said was Impossible A reality.

My question is,Does the satanic beleifs teach anything like this?

Also,What I beleive that it our right to be open about our beleifs and not hide them( Unless we are not comfortable revilling them at this point)But if we are I think we should have that right,Does Satanic teach encurage that,or does it call for us to be secretive about our beleifs?

I'm just trying to understand better,In hopes that I won't offend anyone here.

Please help me if you can.

Thanks in advance.