My analogy places perspective within the whole. Like I stated, I am by no means over-analytical of my surroundings to the point of breaking it down to finite degrees of cause and effect. I understand that by figuring the parts of a model, trends can be somewhat predicted.

The duality of the yin versus the yang meaning some sort of balance is being achieved naturally within the grander scale, the circle that encompasses both. That is a very dry attempt at rationalizing order, in whatever scale one wants to fit it in.

The analogy of the baphomet is similar, but contains another element. The circle outside contains all of course, and the lines of the pentagram form it's active wheel of motion outward to be drawn inward..over and over, unbroken, crossing, overlapping, like the circumstances that cause all effects. The points could be seen as the happenings of motion (a point of time being observed), only to be continued for further motions, and crossings, and overlappings, resulting in more points of happening, but not as before (this is due to the inability to clone any moment exactly). The third element being the disembodied goat head (or man) within the rigid confines of the star and circle is the unexplanable denial of anything repeating itself exactly as before trough the unknown. At the moment, *that* quality of cause and effect still eludes the thinkers as being defined.

To broaden that thought, the scope of cause and effect is beyond our finite form of thinking, due to the infinite variables involved. Models do reflect points of time but no model can be wholly accurate due to serious size and time restrictions. I can think about rabbit and fox populations and their interactions all day long and plug that into "the Whopping Huge Crunching Computer" and still miss most of the data that could play its' hand in the model. I might find clues to alot of what, where and when, and see my technical predictions close to being. Or some virus will come along and smash my attempts at prediction and model making to pieces, by decimationg the fox population.

That third element strikes. What caused that? Sunspots and perhaps, maybe some butterfly lighting off of some branch, stirring the right wind, carrying the right viral organisms. More information was needed to forsee that flick of natures' tail, but who woulda figured on that?

I realise that humans can get close to such knowledge, and that we will get even closer. But I fail to see humanity erase all happenstance from the equation. I do believe that through the carefull study of our surroundings we get closer to the domination of it, but I also think that we are fooling ourselves trying to fit circumstance into reliable repeatable manifestations. We will always be on the receiving end of the great cosmic bitch-slap that is chaos...until we somehow break that code as well.

To conclude, we can crunch behaviour, settings and every action, to model a moment in time, yet we can never fully predict the restless twist of nature to claim an absolute.

That is why I like magic so incorporates the unknown, and in doing so keeps my mind flexible enough to accept the odd variables that are out there waiting to happen.

The affect/effect thing is the circle of results (effect) having influence (affect) having results etc...

I hope I have made myself clear in my ramblings.

My Regards, Gentlemen.

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