I have been very interested in Satanism ever since I was 13. When I was 14 I was fortunate enough to have a friend who was into witch craft, and her mother had all the good deeds for it. But after a while my parents found out and I wasnt able to hang with her anymore. Ever since then, my parents have been keeping an eye on who I hang with, and what goes on in my room. They try and shield me from anything that deals with Satan, because they think its pure evil. Therefore I have no way of reaching the Satanic Bible, black candles, etc... The internet doesnt do me much good with my researches. I need to know more then the basics. I just dont know how I can collect Satanic information without having the right things to study it. I also have to keep my beliefs secret. I only know of a few rituals, but I want to know some new and more effective ones I can practice. It just really upsets me that I am surrounded by people who are so against me and my beliefs. Talking to Satan doesnt get me much of anywhere either. Can anyone please give me some advise? I would much appreciate it!!
im not lookin down.. but i see no one above me