RoadID®, manufactures personal identification apparel that they primarilly market toward the athletic community. I posted about their products at another site and purchased one for Myself shortly thereafter. In My opinion, their products are novel.

The RoadID™, their flagship and aptly named product, takes the unfashionable medical identification bracelet and makes it…er, more fashionable. Read: More likely one would wear it. Beyond aesthetics, the RoadID™ features a curved military-style identification tag affixed to an arguably more comfortable Velcro® band that is available in three sizes: small, medium/large, and extra-large. The identification tag is customizable as would be expected, and can fit up to six lines of text.

I have just described RoadID®'s standard wrist band. They also offer an ankle band made of a more flexible neoprene, and a ShoeID® which laces onto the top of a shoe and comes in a pouch variation to hold other identification data.

For all their products, RoadID™ Interactive is the one that sold Me. It is essentially no different in appearance than their non-interactive products, with one difference: RoadID™ Interactive replaces four of the six customizable lines of text with instructions to call their toll-free number or visit their website. It references the owner's serial and pin number on the back of the identification tag. In calling the toll-free number or visiting the website, emergency personnel would view or hear one's custom Emergency Information Profile.

Just think about that for a minute. Think about the wealth of information one could provide to emergency personnel with a simple, understated Velcro® identification tag:

  • Names, telephone numbers, and addresses of family members
  • Bloodtype and allergy information
  • Important existing conditions, such as Diabetes
  • Objections to specific medical or mortuary procedures
  • Oh, yeah…Your Name, telephone number, and address

The RoadID™ Interactive is the one I purchased—$19.99US at the moment—and it comes with one year of hosting for the online profile. After a year, renewal of the emergency information profile is $9.99 US per year. Not bad, in My opinion. I would have expected a year free, thereafter $9.99 US per month.

Equally striking about this product is that RoadID® seems to market it primarily toward the athletic community, namely runners, cyclists, and etc., that might be inclined not to carry identification on their person during those events. Just about anybody can benefit from one of these. When I thought about this, I reviewed all the forms of identification that I typically carry… My Driver's License, until recently, had an old address, still has no telephone number. It really says a whole lot of nothing to uninitiated. Police can surely use it to bring up pertinent data, but what of a medical practicioner? What if I am dead in a ditch somewhere and some passerby is the first to find Me? Who will know I am allergic to penicillin? My Geneva Conventions ID Card says even less without a PIN and card reader, and this is if I even still have My wallet! Who is to say it will not become lost or stolen?

Perhaps I am being a bit paranoid, but $19.99 seemed like a small price to pay for added piece of mind. Moreover, I think it less likely that a identification band such as this would become lost or even stolen in a mugging, whether I run, bike, or otherwise.