It occured to me whilst driving down the highway, reflecting on a film I had just seen. "Passion of the Christ" is an excellent film, although I was only able to see 3/4 of it due to other matters at hand. It was not the movie itself that brought an epiphany, but a question asked by my better half afterwards.

"So, as a Satanist, aren't you supposed to be against this movie, and not see it for those reasons?"

Now the question was answered with "Hey, I enjoy a good mythological film every once in a while" which did not sit well with someone who insists it was real, and not myth as I had so eloquently put it. And why not!? The Romans and Greeks believed then as do these christians now that their forms of divine beings existed, and now they are myths in books. But I digress.

What brings me here today is the thought that since something is labeled "Christian" it is off-limits to non-christians, and in this case, a Satanist.


Should I pitch my P.O.D. collection because they praise "Jah" in their songs, or not attend gatherings for causes that I am interested in only because it is a christian that is conducting the meeting? Should I not go and enjoy a fine meal in a restaurant run by roman catholics? If you are missing out on pleasures in your life because of titles, then you are missing life.

Do you dare to live life to its fullest? I thought this was just common sense, but it turns out Dr. LaVey was right when he said for some, it is a tall order to fill.

Pitch the idea that "Satanism" means "Anti-christian", head down to your nearest McDonalds, order the spaghetti and meatballs, and watch the clerk break his neck looking for your meal on his menu. Go see the movies you like, listen to the music you enjoy, eat what you want to eat, fuck whoever it is you desire, and enjoy your time here.

Thank you and Regards,
Dodge Swinger 1973, Galaxy 500,

All the way stars' green, gotta go.