The name Lucifer is based on the latin phrase luciferi meaning light-bringer. Most of the historical text and documents were translated from latin, barring any secular languages they might appear in. Lucifer only appears in the christian bible once when describing the king of babylon who's title was in fact light-bringer.

Much of the mythos incorporated with Lucifer is the very same as that of Satan, who's very nature is that of pride and rebellion. The general view is that Lucifer is one of the many names of The Devil. I don't deny the power this name conjures when its spoken aloud, it inspires the darkest emotions in all of us. My point is that a mis-translation causing such a stir seems like posturing to me. I don't think Satan, the very essence of nature's dark side, would choose one of his names as "light-bringer." It's a falsehood.
And the leaders of the blind said unto me bow for we are the keepers of the word to which I tore away these burdened wings and cried never.

"Here's to hell. May the stay there be as fun as the way there!" - Groucho Marx