The title of my post is about something I was just thinking about, I will explain this.

First, about this thread : as Warlock Bill_M has said, this is only symbolism after all, and I think that he has clearly answered to this thread. A debate with symbolism would be absolutely nonsense.

The expression "light-bringer" was also used in the first centuries 'after J.C' to refer to the Christ. This is only during the middle ages that that the Lucifer's name has been 'diabolized'.

In the Vulgate( the first edition of the bible in Latin by 'Saint Jérôme' ), this name is the transcription of the Hebrew word Heyel for "Morning star" ( which is Venus ).

Now what I meant about the title :

People claiming to be "Luciferians". Here they should open some books sometimes, as the answer is clearly in front of their eyes :

The Luciferianism is the schism provocated by the Bishop Saint Lucifer ( yes, he had this name) from Cagliari, year 370.

So when you hear "hello, my name is Lord_Manson_666_Cradleoffilth*, and I am a Luciferian", you can laugh.

(* : this nickname is ONLY a random example and is a GENERAL point. Please, no one take it personally and bite my ass, I have dealt with this enough 2 years ago .... \:D \:D ).

Out of topic, but for the history's sake ( because I have read few things about celts around here, etc ) :

many things have been stolen by Christians ( anyway, all religions take from others and so on.. ), like the cross itself for example. The cross, symbolically speaking once again, was the representation of Fire and Water ( I know I had already spoken about this here, but hmm...I dig it? ) \:D :

in this "Holy bible", you will notice this passage about the Christ walking on water, and this sentence "the spirit above water". This is just another "aesthetic" to this symbolic pagan's cross which represents these 2 elements ( I'm not talking about the celtic cross) :"holy spirit" (vertical ) represented by the fire - look at the old paintings above this Christ's head, and Water ( horizontal ).

Now, if you follow the history : when Christians went to convert the celts, some accepted it, and this is why the Celtic Cross changed into a "Christian Cross/Celtic Cross".. This :

Same as the vikings : when Christianity was around, some felt a dilemma, and this is how this pendant has been created and worn by those concerned : a Thor's hammer with a cross and a knife into the same ring ( the knife representing the dilemma )-sorry , didn't find any picture..

It can be neverending, look at Shiva :

and this now :

Voilà, this was my 2 Frenchy cents

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