Darkest greetings. I am a registered CoS member. A noted site of so-called Crowleyan "Thelemites" is currently posting Dr. LaVey's Satanic Bible as part of their Mr. Crowley-related "Bibliographia Thelemica." When I made them notice on their forum that this book has no part in their religion, and that LaVeyan Satanism is very different from their spook-in-the-sky philosophy, and that we are not in the least concerned with "trafficking with entities from outer space" (sic) - read Kenneth Grant's books for a proof of this statement - they failed to acknowledge that I was right, and I was soon banned from that site (good riddance). What do you think? Do they have the intellectual right (not to mention the legal right) to post LaVey's most important work as "Thelemic"?

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