I always wonder when I see Satanists refrain from using certain words. For example, I often see the word "xtian" instead of "christian". I wonder why some do this, are they too lazy to type the entire word? Are they afraid to use the word, for one reason or another?
(Niether of those traits are very Satanic in my opinion)

No mythologic name or image holds any sort of reverence for me (except in the ritual chamber, and then it's a conscious choice....I could even choose to use my own name if the fancy struck me)

On one site, I even saw the word "xtoid", now even fully spelled out "christoid", this makes no sense to me whatsoever. Is this another created word like "wiccan" that someone is trying to introduce to an already intellectually lacking society and it's pollitically corect vocabulary?

Why should we, as Satanist, worry about possibly offending christians, or especially othr Satanists by using the word "christian"?

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