Good evening!

Two CoS members have told me about a forum rule to post an introduction before starting to post here. There seems to be technical problem, one of them told me:

It appears that the "Introductions" forum in the New members section is missing. ... It still maybe a good idea to post an introduction in the "General Satanism Discussions", again just a suggestion

Ok, so here I start:

I am male, 33, single. I live in Leipzig, Freistaat Sachsen, Germany, in the house I have inherited, in the city I was born. But I grew up in Western Germany, not under communist rule, and I'm very lucky about that.
I have studied philosophy, politics, psychology and computer science and have a Magister degree (similar to M.A.) in the first two professions. My main interests in philosophy are naturalism, rationality, prescriptivist metaethics, amoralism, Nietzsche and Sade.
I grew up as active member of the Evangelical Church which I left about 15 years ago. I knew La Vey's writings since about 10 years. I have received my CoS membership card yesterday.
I am an infrequent participiant of the local BDSM scene.
I like all kinds of fantasy and science fiction.
I like many kinds of music and don't care about black dresses just because I also listen to EBM / Gothic Rock / New Wave.
I have an invitation to join Mensa Germany (the 2% most intelligent), and I sometimes visit their local meetings.
I play go on a level of up to 1 dan.
I disapprove of democracy and would prefer a rule of experts. I vote according to my economical interests.

That's it for now.

Best wishes

This sentence is a very clever slogan, which I have selected as My signature, because it's very appropiate to represent Myself and My attitude towards Satanism.