I hated high school.

Not because of the classes, not because of lunchtime jackassery, or because other kids or teachers were "mean." They weren't, really.

I hated it because the only interesting time I ever had was when me and a friend made a film in media class called "Johnny Karate." It was a silent film, black and white, like the days of Chaplin, with those fancy text boxes that would pop up to indicate who was talking, and music creating acting as not only the backing track, but also sound effects...only we used metal and guitar licks...and it was about aliens fighting ninjas, or something.

My friend was a loner. At first to be perfectly honest, I assumed he was a homosexual, and went on with life. He always wore pink, and moved elegantly, and enjoyed creating "deep" paintings in art class.

We began talking due to a mutual interest in Dune, and Dreamcast emulation. He introduced me to J-rock, and other wierd shit, and I can pretty easily say I was his only friend, aside from a few dudes he had chummed around with in elementary that just happened to still be hanging around.

We had another common interest as well, which was that the majority of everyone else around us acted simply as fodder for our black sense of humour. As the years went on in school, we isolated ourselves more and more, and became known as something of a team.

This guy has the innate ability to invoke a sense of WONDER in anyone who crossed his path. Everyone knew him, and thought he was a cool cat, a mysterious stranger of sorts, who they instantly felt comfortable around. If only they knew that he thought they were practically all pigs...he was able to work his own breed of lesser magic better then I ever could back then. It would take many more years to discover the secret of his trade, how to inspire that certain awe.


This guy knew, and KNOWS, how to do one thing very very well...shut the fuck up. He and I talk like crazy when we get together, still, and I always quirked an eye when one of his starstruck fans would approach him nervously in school to say hello...he himself would even joke "Yeah, I'm like a fucking movie star or something." and we would have a laugh about it.

But he held a power over these people.

I was similar to him at the time, but far too brazen and cynical. I didn't rant to anyone but him or what few other friends I had, but I was vocally hateful. Because of my association with him, I was known as a "sidekick", and had a similar effect near the end, but not quite in the same way. I am noticing it however a lot more lately. People are suddenly so damn interested in me, at work, and wherever else. The same question he had while he was up too it is one I ask as well..."Why?" But the answer is as clear as the very teachings of lesser magic, which unfortunately, my friend was not aware of at the time.

Just a personal relation to my experiences practicing magic...sometimes it has nothing to do with uttering curses or spells...sometimes the most potent spell is utter silence.