They say silence is golden.

I too, have had to learn saying nothing is the most powerful weapon I have.
I've always known it's best to keep silence, but not untill recently has it been so important to me.
However this is one of few places I've been that clearly identifies the act as lesser magic.

The mystery is what draws the herd in. They have to know if your as different as you act. They seem to be attracted to anything that takes the attention off them.

If you don't want the attention don't give anything away. They'll get board easily and leave you alone if they think you have nothing of interest for them.

If you want the attention lead them along only ever saying just enough to keep them wanting more. If everything you say is well thought out, your not just quite your calculating.

I'm the calculating type but to keep the herd a bay small talk not just silence goes along way. The weather is the one subject anyone can comment on, and it's boring.
"...And the truth that makes us laugh, will make you cry!"
"...Porcelain in a paper cup world."
~Almost Alice~