while reading the satanic bible I was first fascinated by La vey's anylisis and found them quite similar if not identical to mine.
I salute his honesty in the first pages where he states that the book is about both fiction and reality
what I found to be contradictory:
1-If someone hurts you then he/she is asking to be destroyed, a masochist who is afraid of you and who decided to harm you, he then must be punished.
what if I modestly say, in a given situation, I was afraid.
the carnal creatures are cunnning and can smell fear, it makes them agressive for fear is contagious.
A "victim" who happened to be around me smelled that fear and instinctively got agressive with me.
Now, I for one will retaliate to any attack if i see it to be powerful enough to destroy me
But in a way I did generate fear at that time in this place
now where do you draw the line between the just and the strong?
In other words, wouldn't it be normal to harm someone who's in fear, as carnal beings, for fear is contagious ?
would it be unjust to harm someone who wants to contaminate us with his or her own fear?

2-throughout the fulfillement of the ego, the celebration of earthly pleasures (which I enjoy), I couldn't help noticing the absence of compassion
The compassion for human suffering
Where do satanists stand when it comes to misery caused by fatality like hunger, disease or oppression etc.

All so far,