This is indeed a sensible subject that will, I think, always remain in some people's mind, which is only a natural way to be honest with themselves : they cannot apply the Social Darwinism, and this from a moral perspective which is carved in their existence.

No, universal love doesn't work, and this doesn't work for the individualist because he doesn't want to live as a martyr for other people. This doesn't mean that he won't be touched by a starved child of course, but he is realistic. Morality is one of the words that separates Satanism from Christianity, I think it is something to remember.

And this also apply here- to give another example a little bit out of topic : when you consider someone online being a friend, have in mind that "true friends" can be wrong : so on this, do not act as a sheep to defend someone blindly when he/she's wrong : true friendship is to be honest.

I focus on "dangerous words" lately, and once again, I see that these words are like belonging to the true colors of those people who couldn't live without this "universal compassion" ( in all of its forms ). Some things are like the "ID" of the person.

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