I have an audition for a fairly prestigious local choir in about an hour's time; I'm setting off very soon. I've been working towards this all week. My teacher advised me to warm up prior to setting off. I was in the middle of doing so when my neighbour banged on the wall quite aggressively.

I continued my warm-ups in the bathroom with the door closed. The reason I didn't just carry on regardless was because I'm already feeling shaken and nervous enough without having an angry neighbour on my doorstep. I'd like to say that things like this don't get to me, but sometimes they do, on an emotional level at least, and this is the worst possible time.

Any thoughts or opinions are welcome. However, I confess, I posted this just to get it off my chest.
La vie veut vivre.

She's not little, no minion like me--
That's why she ensnared him.

- The Laboratory by Robert Browning