Brimstone Pendant

This is the Alchemy symbol for Brimstone / Sulfur made popular as a Satanic symbol because of its use in the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey as the seal placed above the 9 Satanic statements. Symbolically it can also be related to the tree of life with the figure eight (the twisted Ouroborous forever swallowing its tail or Leviathan) symbolizing infinity and the eternal motion of creation evolution and destruction and as well the strong deep roots of the Ygdrassil tree. The 5 branches symbolize the 5 senses of course (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting , smelling) with the center shaft representing the trunk of the tree or if you will the human spine connecting all. In essence one must know where one comes from and must have firm roots planted deep in earthy darkness before one 'should' sprout the branches ascending to what is undefiled wisdom. Without strong roots there can be no lasting branches for when they reach too high the foundation collapses and the tree dies.

Here is a limited edition beautiful version of that symbol hand crafted and sculpted in wax then cast in Sterling Silver by artist Robert A. Lang.

It weighs: 12grams

Height: 1 ¾ inches

Width 1 ¼ inches
“The world, like a wolf pack is not all the licking of pups and howls by the moonlight. Sometimes there just needs to be a gnashing of teeth and a ripping of flesh to put things back into the natural order of things.”


"Magic is a tool and is essentially useless unless it can serve you here and now! Anything else is simply an act in faith and an excuse for failure in the here and now." XLVI A.S. R. Lang

"Chaos is a creation of mankind and does not exist within the uncompromising fascism of natures laws! Everything has order." XLVI A.S R. Lang

"To believe in Chaos one must believe that their is some kind of God who all of a sudden put everything into order! That!, I cannot relate too..."
R. Lang XLVI A.S.