I posted this because I notticed tha name "Dracula" in the Infernal Names list of the Satanic Bible by LaVey and I want to make some things more precise for who is interested.

In the Satanic Bible is stated "Dracula - Romanian name for devil"
Actualy "Dracula" means "the son of the devil".
It is often called "Draculea" and it refers to the romanian 15 century king "Vlad Tepes" or "Vlad the Impaler".
King Vlad the Impaler's father name was also Vlad.
This Vlad (the father) was a knight of the "Order of the Dragon" (drake or devil) and was called "Vlad Dracul" wich means "Vlad the Devil".
So Vlad Dracula or Draculea means "Vlad son of the Devil".

In romanian, devil is called "Drac", The Devil is called "Dracul" (wich is also my userneme), and son of the devil is "Draculea" or "Dracula".

As for the stories of Dracula the Vampire from Transilvania ...their not real ...Vlad the Impaler "Dracula" actually rulled in Muntenia ...the only thing he has done in Transilvania was 10 years of prison under Matei Corvin the king of Transilvania.
Vlad Dracula was rescued from prison and he came to the throne of Muntenia by the help of his cousin Stefan the Great who was king of Moldavia (Moldova).
That's just a little bit of history.

In romanian "the devil" can also be "Dracul" or "diavol" from the greek "Diabolus" listed in the Satanic Bible.
The word "Satan" is not so present in the romanian language but it also comes form the greek "Satanas" - "the adversary" wich I belive that was first time used by the xtians to define everybody that oposed their god.

How do I know this you ask ...simple ...I'm romanian.

Hail Satan!
Hail Me!
"Liberate Tuteme Ex Inferis!"